Karaoke Club:

  1. Club is open daily 21:00 to 5 am.
  2. Allowed to bring their minusovky and sound to an audio CD, mp3, and mobile media. Guests can transmit turn of another table or backing vocalists.
  3. The order of songs, according to the numbering of tables, clockwise, one for each table.
  4. If the number of guests at the table more than 5 persons have the right to perform 2 songs.
  5. If the guest is not at my desk, a song automatically transferred to another table.
  6. Sing into the microphone, you can turn to other guests only with their permission.
  7. The club welcomes respectful or tolerant attitude to artists :), applause, cheer and dance support.
  8. Upon entering the club has face control and dress code.
  9. Smoking in "karaoke room" is prohibited. (There is a place for smoking: a separate room and terrace).
  10. The administration of the club reserves the right to refuse guest to visit without explanation.
Admission fee to the club (Fri-Sat) girls:
50 uah
Admission fee to the club (Fri-Sat) boys:
60 uah
Admission fee to the club (Sun-Thu) girls:
35 uah
Admission fee to the club (Sun-Thu) boys:
50 uah
Songs performed by vocalist:
200 uah.
Song of turn:
400 uah.
Song performed by a waiter:
150 uah.
Song performed by the Director (with backing vocals):
1000 uah.
Song performed by the director (without backing vocals):
1500 uah.
(Called even at night.)
Song performed by all Karaoke club "Vysotsky":
3000 uah.
The fall of the microphone:
200 uah.
Breakdown microphone:
3300 uah.
Continuation of work karaoke club:
1000 uah.
Performance of the song "Vladimir Central" or "Murka":
2000 uah.